National Beta Club

National Beta Club

The National Beta Club began as the dream of founder, Dr. John W. Harris, a professor at Wofford College. Since the first Beta Club was formed in Landrum in 1934, The National Beta Club has become the nation’s largest independent, non-profit, educational youth organization. They are committed to recognizing and promoting high academic achievement, encouraging service to others, and developing character and leadership skills.

Since its beginnings, The National Beta Club has worked with over five and a half million young people in grades 5-9 (Junior Beta Club) and grades 9-12 (Senior Beta Club). There are now more than 418,000 active members and more than 8,000 clubs in 42 states, District of Columbia, 3 U.S. territories, and 4 foreign countries.

The headquarters of The National Beta Club has been in its downtown Spartanburg location since 1973. The Beta Club staff here in Spartanburg has made a great effort to be community oriented and “think as neighbors,” just as they expect all of their clubs to do. They have reached out to the girls’ home located near them, Mobile Meals of Spartanburg, soup kitchens, back to school drives, and other community efforts.

They hope those in the SDA and community will let them know their local needs, so they can get involved and spread the word to their local clubs here in Spartanburg.

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