Prices’ Store for Men

mp_prices1Throughout its 100 plus years, Prices’ Store for Men has understood that a commitment to strong customer service relationships begins with service: expert in-house alterations, deliveries, wardrobe consultation, special ordering, custom tailoring, groomsmen services, and a very important ability to make deadlines.

Prices’ Store for Men was established in Spartanburg, South Carolina in 1903 by Harry Price. Although New York born and still considered a “Yankee” (just thirty-eight years after the Civil War) Mr. Price built a thriving business in this bustling, textile mill based town by quickly fostering customer relationships with the quality of his merchandise and more importantly, his gracious service.

Since its early beginnings, Prices’ has enjoyed a strong connection with Wofford College.  When students would come to Wofford from small, rural communities throughout the state, Prices’ would outfit them for school. In addition, Prices’ has employed students part-time in a tradition that continues today. Prices’ looks forward to the future opening of the George Dean Johnson School of Business of the University of South Carolina Upstate in downtown Spartanburg, as well.

mp_prices3Prices’ Store for Men continues to be family owned and operated. It still focuses on customer relationships, some of which have spanned as many as four generations in local families.

Prices’ Store For Men is proud to offer the tailored clothing of Berle, Jack Victor, Michael Kors, Lauren by Ralph Lauren, and Kingsridge. Our tailored clothing for men is one of the foundational keys to Prices’ longstanding reputation for excellence. Our products originate from only top-quality materials, and are manufactured carefully and meticulously by the finest crafters of men’s clothing in the world.

mp_prices2Sportswear offered by Prices’ Store For Men includes items by Bill’s Khakis, Peter Millar, Southern Proper, Southern Tide, Guy Harvey, Mountain Khakis, Barbour, and Charleston Khakis. No less important than tailored clothing, our selection of finely-produced sportswear keeps our clients looking their best, while providing the comfort and function that only the best sportswear in the world can offer.

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