The Local Hiker


Meet Michael and Kathy Silverman!
They are the owners/operators of The Local Hiker.
Their children, Aaron & Sarah, work at the store with them between their college class schedules.The Local Hiker opened on October 25, 2013.
The store concept was one of the proud winners of Spartanburg’s  FIRST “Main Street Challenge”!
The Silvermans came up with the idea for The Local Hiker after many years of traveling to neighboring counties to purchase quality gear and clothing for hiking, backpacking and camping trips. They continued wondering why there wasn’t an outdoor gear store in Spartanburg! So after much planning and preparation they decided to open such a store and have truly been humbled by the support of everyone in the community. They look forward to what the future holds for The Local Hiker as they continue to develop, grow, and become an integral part of the rejuvenation of the downtown area!
As a family, the Silvermans have spent a lot of time hiking, backpacking and camping…..and they want to help you create those experiences and memories too!

Happy trails!

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